Time To Get Moving!

After a long winter and chilly spring of staying indoors and hibernating, it’s time to get your body moving.  As we age, our bodies can get de-conditioned very easily and quickly, which can exacerbate health conditions and make us more prone to injuries.  Physical issues aside, our mental health can benefit greatly from exercising either alone or with others.

    With so many options available it’s easier than ever to get active.  You can join a local gym (which often have senior friendly classes), take a walk along the river, try a Zumba class, do some gardening or just park further away when you go to the store on a nice day.  As always, you should talk with your physician before starting any new activity.

    Exercise can be a great mood enhancer, but if you feel that you can use some additional support and need someone to talk to, please [click here] (please have this be a hyperlink to the SeniorLinks counseling page) to see what JFS can do for you.  To schedule a confidential appointment with our counselor please call 717-233-1681. Be well!

    For some additional information about how exercise can benefit you, click here.