Announcing the Renaming of the Kosher Meals on Wheels Program

Ed Finkelstein

Jewish Family Service is pleased to announce a generous gift by Edward S. Finkelstein in support of the Kosher Meals on Wheels program, which will infuse KMOW with funds on an annual basis.   In recognition of Mr. Finkelstein’s generosity, as well as a previous gift by Edward Cohen, the program is being renamed as the Finkelstein-Cohen Kosher Meals on Wheels Program.

Mr. Finkelstein has lived in Harrisburg his entire life, and has always felt the need to give back.  “Giving is a family tradition.  My grandfather was active.  My father contributed.  My mother was involved with Hadassah.  It’s what’s been passed down to me.”

Mr. Finkelstein has been philanthropic with several local Jewish organizations, most recently the Jewish Film Festival of the Harrisburg Jewish Federation, before turning his attention toward Jewish Family Service.  “I gave to JFS because I think they provide a critical service to the community through the various programs it runs.  In particular, I feel KMOW is an important program, and it seemed to be where the money was needed most at the present time. As I get into my later years, I can appreciate the necessity of that kind of program for homebound individuals.”

By establishing this ongoing revenue source, it ensures that JFS can have a direct impact on our community members through the Kosher Meals on Wheels program for years to come. “Most people who participate in KMOW will tell you that it’s not just about delivering food,” says Barry Stein, JFS Executive Director. “It’s about the personal contact with someone who you are delivering to.”

In addition to his gift allocated toward Meals on Wheels, Mr. Finkelstein has helped JFS expand its child therapy program by donating “seed money” toward the hiring of a new therapist. “When therapists are transitioning into a new role with us, they don’t have a full caseload right away,” Barry said.  “So, Ed’s gift will help to subsidize a new therapist while she/he gets acclimated, builds a caseload and eventually covers the costs of doing business.”

Mr. Finkelstein is also participating in the JFS Legacy Giving program. He has named JFS to receive a portion of his estate when the time comes as a part of his life-time commitment to the Harrisburg Jewish community. “I’m just trying to get people involved in the Jewish community through my example,” Mr. Finkelstein says. “I want to help bring out their Jewishness.”