Social Butterflies Offers Social Skills for Kids!

Our new therapist, Alyson Fogle, will be taking over as facilitator of the Social Butterflies program at Jewish Family Service.

Although all children can benefit from Social Skills Training, the Social Butterflies is a Social Skills Training Group for kiddos ages 5-8.

According to research, children who need help improving their social skills benefit when grouped together with peers who have a similar struggle. Research has also indicated that regardless of a child’s diagnosis, social skills are extremely effective in helping a child be more successful in peer interactions and managing their environment. Social skills group can help kids learn and practice important life skills. What a great way to help your child build the necessary skills for a lifetime of success!

Group will be held January 20, 2019 until April 10th, 2019. Group will run from 5pm to 6pm at our office located at 3333 N Front Street Harrisburg, PA 17110. Call today to get your little one signed up at (717)233-1681!

Keep an eye out for a profile of Alyson on our blog soon! The Social Butterflies program is part of our Social Sense division of MyndWorks. For more info on Myndworks, click here.