JFS Hires New Finkelstein-Cohen KMOW Coordinator

JFS is pleased to announce that it has hired a new Finkelstein – Cohen Kosher Meals on Wheels program coordinator, longtime JFS volunteer, John Jantos.

John first got involved with JFS more than a decade ago when he started volunteering through the Two’s Company program. “I have a soft spot for the elderly,” says John. “What more important way to help them than to ensure that they have nutritious meals?”

John retired several years ago from his career but has stayed active through volunteer work, and of course, his dog, Frankie, whom he takes on walks five times a week. “Anyone who has a dog knows that you become more active than you would be!”

John, whose professional background is mixed and included owning multiple small businesses, hopes to increase the scope of the program. “There are currently 22 people in the program and we’d like to get that closer to 30. Of course, we can’t do that without our volunteers.”

Using his background in marketing, John is looking to get the word out about the program throughout the community. “I will be exploring some ideas to see how we can market the program better,” he says. “There are definitely folks in the community that are not aware but who would want to participate.”

Still, he hopes to continue the success of the program and its reputation for high quality and reliability. “Goal number one is ensuring that folks get these nutritious meals delivered on time on a regular basis,” John says. “The meals go out three times a week and the participants receive the meals the day after they are prepared.”

John is excited for the new role and is touched by the welcome he has received since beginning in April. “The way I have been received here by staff has been so welcoming and wonderful. They’ve helped me get started and feel the sense of the community. The word, in and out of the office, is ‘community.’”