Day of Pampering Recap – 2019

It is common in our culture for caregivers to give so much to their loved ones with special needs that they become depleted of energy and emotionally drained.   To honor these men and women in our community, the Day of Pampering for Caregivers was created 6 years ago. The event, co-sponsored by Temple Ohev Sisterhood and Jewish Family Service of Greater Harrisburg takes place at Temple Ohev Sholom on Front Street in Harrisburg.

Local practitioners donate their time and signature services to create a spa day for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.   For many of the caregivers, this is the only day of the year that they can enjoy a lunch that they did not need to prepare or clean up.  They often arrive to the event in a whirlwind and leave at the end of the day reconnected to themselves, looking serene and happy.

One of the women, who has attended for the past 6 years, describes the Day of Pampering as the” best day of the year.”  And, another regular attendee left at the end of the day without the pain that has been her constant companion. 

The Day of Pampering magic is created by more that 80 volunteers who are committed to compassionate action.  The planning committee, Shelley Adler, Elissa Arch, Barbara Bazelon, Mary Caufield, Elizabeth Johnson and Carol Lopus are faithfully committed to the event. Each of the committee members brings a special talent to the event that has become beautifully choreographed. 

This year, 35 practitioners offered chair massage, reflexology, ionic foot bath, access BARS, acupuncture, sound meditation, guided meditation and a self-care workshop.  A bevy of other volunteers prepared food, plated and served lunch, baked sweets for dessert, welcomed attendees as table hostesses at lunch, helped to carry in the practitioners’ equipment, directed cars in the parking lot and guided attendees through the building. 

The next event will take place on May 31, 2020 at Temple Ohev Sholom.