Meet the JFS Board: Sanford Krevsky

Where did you grow up?

Born, raised and still live in Harrisburg: about 2 blocks from my childhood home. What kept me here? Two reasons. Number 1: My parents; they were good people and we got along; Number 2: I like Harrisburg. It’s centrally located to metropolitan areas such as, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, DC and New York. As a state capital, much is going on. It is the hub of much activity. Finally, it has a vibrant Jewish community.

How long have you been involved with JFS? 

Three years, and I’ve enjoyed each day.

Is there a particular program or service that JFS provides that is particularly meaningful to you?

Yes, I work with a number of families in crisis; dependency/custody and was familiar with JFS’s resources to those families as well as adoption services.

If you could impact one thing in the Greater Harrisburg community, what would it be?

Importance of intact family life.

What is your motto?

We’re in this together… we are all entitled to a piece of the rock.

When are you happiest?

-Healthy, well fed, and with my family.