To Be or Not to Be? – Reflections on Completing Advanced Directives for Your End-of-Life Health Care

Your end-of-life wishes can change as your circumstances change.  I was reminded of this fact when I recently saw my doctor for a physical exam and he asked me if I had completed a health care proxy with advanced directives.  “Yes indeed,” I answered without hesitation. “But I have no idea where it is. Regardless,” I went on, “perhaps the time has come for me to rethink my own end-of-life outlook.”

Announcing the Renaming of the Kosher Meals on Wheels Program

Jewish Family Service is pleased to announce a generous gift by Edward S. Finkelstein in support of the Kosher Meals on Wheels program, which will infuse KMOW with funds on an annual basis.   In recognition of Mr. Finkelstein’s generosity, as well as a previous gift by Edward Cohen, the program is being renamed as the Finkelstein-Cohen Kosher Meals on Wheels Program.

Time To Get Moving!

After a long winter and chilly spring of staying indoors and hibernating, it’s time to get your body moving.  As we age, our bodies can get de-conditioned very easily and quickly, which can exacerbate health conditions and make us more prone to injuries.  Physical issues aside, our mental health can benefit greatly from exercising either alone or with others.

Best Laid Plans: Lessons Learned from an End-of-Life Journey

“Throughout my adult life, I knew what Marvin’s end-of-life wishes were.  He was passionate about life and wanted all measures taken to keep him alive.  When appointing a health care proxy, he was reluctant to let me fulfill that role.  I assured my uncle that I would respect his wishes even though my own philosophy on palliative care was quite different. “