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Adoption is a life long journey.  Through the following AdoptionLinks services, we support families and children from their initial consideration of fostering or adopting, at least until the child reaches adulthood:

  • Services to children and families in conjunction with the State Wide Adoption and Permanency Network, as well as work with children in foster care to find a permanent family, and with families interested in temporary or permanent care of children in the foster care system.
  • Through the State Wide Adoption and Permanency Network, provision of supportive services for those families after adoption (Post Permanency), including case management, advocacy, respite, and a monthly family support group.
  • Private adoption in collaboration with agencies and attorneys responsible for the matching process.
  • International adoption, in most situations, through home study and post-placement supervision and reporting.
  • Birth Parent Counseling and Options Counseling.

Contact Crystal at 717-233-1681 x 3009 to learn more about how to welcome a deserving child into your family through adoption or foster care.

Ellie's Dream

Rachel Kuhr, MSW, LCSW, wrote an article for the November 25th issue of the Community Review about our adoption program. To read the article and learn more about our role in adoption, click here.

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