What Is The Caregiver Support Series

With all of the gifts of aging, also come challenges.  For seniors, this very special time of life is often marked with major transitions, loss of loved ones, health issues and anxiety about what the future holds. In addition, being a caregiver for a spouse, parent or family member can be a very stressful and confusing time. These events, while being a natural part of life, can sometimes cause grief, guilt, regrets, depression and excessive worry.  We provide a comfortable, caring and respectful environment to help you work through any issues, feelings or problems that are keeping you from having peace of mind and experiencing joy.

Who benefits from the Caregiver Support Series?

The idea of strengthening and centering the caregiver helps everyone involved. By alleviating the stress of the caregiver, the aging parents experience less stress vicariously which we know alleviates chronic pain issues and slows dementia.

What are some examples of issues that the Caregiver Support Series can help caregivers with?

Feeling burnt out, not being able to navigate complicated systems of long-term care, making the decision about when to utilize long-term care, how to build respite care, how to prioritize their own needs so that everyone benefits.

What kinds of “tools” can I expect to gain to deal with the stress of care?

Tools are individualized for each person based on their specific needs.

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